Plugin For PlugNedit (BETA Version).

Complete Website Builder Example: Working Website Example.
Plugin Example: Working Example Of Plugin And Form.
Sample Plugin Downloads: Simple Plugin Downloads.

You can use this plugin for 100 edits per day. If you need more edits you will need to contact us and request more edits.

HTML Form.
Note: We parse HTML for many XSS (Cross site scripting), however anytime you accept any user input you should parse the HTML on your server.
PlugNedit also uses base64 to bypass many of the IE filters. please read directions on bypassing IE filters.

PlugNedit allows for you to create custom toolbars and menus or use our standard toolbars. Please email us if you would like to set up your own toolbars and look.

Directions for sending links to users pictures to Plugnedit.
Example of directory of users pictures or your site: the Base Url For PlugNeditBaseUrl in this example Should Be "" PlugneditFiles should be a ";" separated list:

Example: We Take The Base Url You Give Us And Build Links To Your Pictures.

Example Format Of Picture To Be Sent In The plugneditfiles Input:

/2012/03/Autumn-Leaves1-1000x288.jpg ; /2012/03/Autumn-Leaves1-150x150.jpg ; /2012/03/Autumn-Leaves1-300x225.jpg ; /2012/04/800px-Chelonia_mydas_got_to_the_surface_to_breath-400x300.jpg ; /2012/04/800px-Chelonia_mydas_got_to_the_surface_to_breath-800x288.jpg ; /2012/04/800px-Chelonia_mydas_got_to_the_surface_to_breath.jpg ; /2012/04/Green-Sea-Turtle-1000x288.jpg ; /2012/04/Green-Sea-Turtle-150x150.jpg ; /2012/04/Green-Sea-Turtle-300x225.jpg ; /2012/04/Green-Sea-Turtle-400x300.jpg ; /2012/04/Green-Sea-Turtle.jpg ; /2012/04/Hawksbill_Turtle-150x150.jpg ; /2012/04/Hawksbill_Turtle-300x224.jpg ; /2012/04/Hawksbill_Turtle-400x300.jpg ; /2012/04/Hawksbill_Turtle-567x288.jpg ; /2012/04/Hawksbill_Turtle.jpg ; /2012/04/Humpback-Whale-1000x288.jpg ; /2012/04/Humpback-Whale-150x150.jpg ; /2012/04/Humpback-Whale-300x225.jpg ; /2012/04/Humpback-Whale-400x300.jpg ; /2012/04/Humpback-Whale.jpg ; /2012/04/buttonw-blue1-150x58.png ; /2012/04/buttonw-blue1.png

Directions For Sending A Plugnedit File Back To Be Edited.

When a user creates a page we will send you the content as form field PlugNeditContent. The content will fit neatly inside a div. If you need to allow the user to edit the content just send the exact same content we sent you in the PlugNeditContent field to be edited.

Directions For Margins.

Use 0 for no margin, Otherwise us a number for height and width in pixels. If you want to give the user a 600x500 workspace. marginheight would be 600 marginwidth would be 500

Filter Base64 for IE.
If you are setting up PlugNedit for use with many users and need to use IE then include the binarycontent input in your form.

Internet Explorer uses many filters so you will need to convert the PlugNeditContent field to Base64 and back to basic HTML.

PHP example to decode when recieving the data: base64_decode($_POST['plugneditcontent']);

Example form inputs:
< textarea id="PlugNeditContent" cols="1" rows="1" style="visibility:hidden;display:none" name="PlugNeditContent" >echo base64_encode( $yourHTML ); < /textarea >
< input type="hidden" id="PlugNeditBinarycontent" name="PlugNeditBinarycontent" value="1" >

Creating Custom Toolbars.

You can import custom toolbars from your website into the editor.
The current toolbar HTML is located at this address and can be styled or changed. Custom Menu HTML
You will have to add these form inputs into the plugnedit form.

Toolbar Javascript Calls.

Setting the size of your toolbars height in pixels.
You can create up to 5 toolbars and up to a height of 800px.
Scrolling occurs if users screen height is less then toolbar height.

Calls the save page functions, processes HTML and returns page content to calling site.

Calls the load HTML from file to bypass internet XSS filters.

Calls side bars to display and snap to current users scroll.

Creates New HTML Layer

Opens the HTML Embed Window for cut and paste HTML.

Stops and starts mouse events. PNETOOLS.PNEInt('StopAll') stops all events, PNETOOLS.PNEInt()
starts all mouse events.

Calls update of HTML box source to the editor window.

Allows selection of text on page.

Calls update of HTML editor box source to text input area.

Allows Context Menu in browswer.

Loads Inline CKEDITOR into page.

Changes font size by pixel PNETOOLS.FontSize('-1') or PNETOOLS.FontSize('1').

Calls the current selection of text align from drop down menu with attribute id Txtalign2.

Calls current font from drop down menu with id attribute fontselect2.

Sets text to bold in current HTML Box.

Sets text to italic in current HTML Box.

Sets current HTML Box to display text in LEFT TO RIGHT format.

Sets current HTML Box to display text in RIGHT TO LEFT format.

Sets Style for current HTML Box. Example: To set the color of text PNETOOLS.STYLEINLINE('color','black').

Removes all editor formating boxes to view page.

Toggles the display of the move hinges on HTML boxes.

Calls Undo and Redo. PNETOOLS.UndoIt(-1) Undo, PNETOOLS.UndoIt(1) Redo.

Toggles the guides and rulers view.

Process and displays the HTML for copy paste.

Sets the background color of the editor page.

Sets the margins in the editor. Example: ResetMargins(800) sets margins to 800px.

Deletes current layer.

Set layer transparency. Example: PNETOOLS.TransDiv(-10) or PNETOOLS.TransDiv(10).

Calls XML.

Calls URL image dialog box.

Displays Image to Base64 dialog box.

Adjuest current Z Index of layer. Example PNETOOLS.LayersAdjust(undefined,undefined,'Front') to Front or Back. Example: PNETOOLS.LayersAdjust(0,undefined,undefined) 0 or 1 for bring forward or back one level.

Calls hyperlink dialog box to set current HTML Box.

Turns AutoSaves on.

PNETOOLS.IncludeLink(bolean true or false)
Include a link at bottom of page.

Places image from base64 embed.

Processes name layer dialog box.

Processes duplicate layer style.

Validates a hex color.

Checks embed for reserved keywords.