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PNE Fast Version 2.0 CSS Adapative Build: 18889
Height Width & Depth Adaptive 3D Editor.
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 Create Your Page Then Click "Finished!" Button.

Donations: PlugNedit is free to use, however providing the bandwidth to load scripts, pages and links has a high monthly cost. If you would like to donate please use the link below.

Do not use plugnedit for any type of sensitive or personal materials.
Click & Double Click
Click to edit text.
Click and hold over layer to select text or move item.
Click and drag over page to select multiple layers.

Note: Double clicking toggles between move and select text

Right Mouse Click
Right Mouse Click for quick menu.
  • Layer Levels
  • Delete Layer
  • Undo - Redo
  • Transparency

New Text Layer / HTML Layer
Click: Text tab
Click: “New Text Layer” Red Button in the upper left side of the page: type your text directly into the new text box; Place your mouse over the top of the Move tab in the upper left corner of the Text Box and Drag the text to the place you want it on your page. Pull bottom right corner to resize as needed.

New Image
Click: Pictures tab
Click: “All Galleries” in the upper left side of the page: Scroll down if needed and click the picture of your choosing: Name picture and click Submit Name. Place your mouse on top of the yellow Move tab in the upper left corner of the Picture Box and Drag the picture to the place you want it on your page. Pull bottom right corner to resize as needed.
Upload To Free Image Host
Upload image to the free image hosting site and select and copy the direct link that they provide. Click the insert image from url and paste the link and submit.

Click layer name to select the item and make it active. Double click to rename, set link or change picture. Click yellow up down arrows to adjust what level the layer sets on.

About PlugNedit

Plug N Edit is a rolling release web software page builder. New builds are added daily as a release candidate. This allows rapid testing and release of new features. If you experience a bug please send a report to contact@plugnedit.com

Current Status:

Core: Stable

Text Effects: Stable

Transparency: Stable

Layers: Stable

Images: Stable

Rules & Guides: Stable

Grid: Stable

Fonts: Stable

Text / Box / Image Effects: Stable

Toolbars: Stable

Cross Hairs: RC

Gradient Backgrounds: RC

Inline Editor: RC

Quick Bar (next to move tabs): RC

Free Image Host Upload RC

Multi Select Layers Testing

Nudge Tool Testing

Stand Alone Plugin with custom menu's: Testing

RC = Release Candidate

Help Videos
Inserting Embeds (PayPal Buttons)
Creating Boxes, Styles, Text.
Duplicating Styles.
Insert YouTube Video
Layers & Stacking
Delete, Redo, Undo

Do Not Use For:
Adult Content
Hate Pages
Illegal Activity

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