PlugNedit Flux Version 1.0


More documentation will be provided as it becomes available, but is subject to change before commercial release.
PlugNedit is built into two javscript sections, the core program and the toolbar interface.
For easy modifications to the javascript a toolbar section is provided, you may call your own custom functions before and after each call to the editor core.

Javascript Objects:

PNETOOLS  Javascript fuciton calls from the toolbar to the core.   PNETOOLS Documentation
PNEDITOR   javascript function calls of the core.

Core Objects:

PNEDITOR.LockedElement : String

currently layer locked by the editor.

PNEDITOR.LockPreSourceElement : String

Mouse over layer object that may be selected.

PNEDITOR.ProximityHot : Boolean

Boolean true / fasle, within editor drag option.

PNEDITOR.ProximityLock : Boolean

Boolean true / false, Editor is in object re-size Lock.

PNEDITOR.LockPreSourceElementID  : String

Mouse over, current object ID.

PNEDITOR.ObjLayer : String

Current object layer selected.

PNEDITOR.IDivLayer : String

Current internal div layer selected for formatting content editable.

PNEDITOR.ImageNumber : Number

Current image layer number count for new layers.

PNEDITOR.LayerNumber : Number

Current layer number count for new layers.

PNEDITOR.LayerName : String

Current layer name.

PNEDITOR.StepCount : Number

Offset step for new layers.

PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeWidth[] : Array

Array of layer attribute widths. usage PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeWidth [ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeHeight[] : Array

Array of layer attribute height. usage PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeHeight [ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeTop[] : Array

Array of layer attribute top postion. usage PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeTop [ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeLeft[] : Array

Array of layer attribute left postion. usage PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeLeft [ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.LayerPadding[] : Array

Array of layer attribute padding. usage PNEDITOR.LayerAttributePadding[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.EditorLayer : String

Object false for none, or current editor object layer active.

PNEDITOR.VisToggle : Boolean

Not in current use.

PNEDITOR.SingleEdit : Boolean

Not in current use. Editor in single edit mode.

PNEDITOR.LayerNumberActive : Number

Object, current active layer number.

PNEDITOR.LayerType[] : Array

Array of layer types. usage PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeLeft [ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.WorkingLayerType[] : Array

Array of current layers on canvas, PNEDITOR.WorkingLayerType[]

PNEDITOR.InterLayerType [] : Array

Array of current internal editable object layers on canvas, PNEDITOR.InterLayerType []

PNEDITOR.LayerNames [] : Array

Array of layer attribute names. usage PNEDITOR.LayerNames[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.LayerIDS [] : Array

Array of layer attribute Id. usage PNEDITOR.LayerIDS[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.LockedDown : String

Current layer object locked down until operation completes.

PNEDITOR.Undostep : Number

Array HTML undo step of canvas in editing.  usage PNEDITOR.Undostep [ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoAlts[]  : Array 

Array HTML undo step of editor.  usage PNEDITOR.Undostep [ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.LayerLevels [] : Array

Array of canvas layers current Z-index. usage PNEDITOR.LayerLevels[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerLevels [] : Array

Array undo step of  Z-index. usage PNEDITOR.UndoLayerLevels [ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.LayerLevelsToggle[] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.LayersActive[] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.UndoLayersActive[] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerType[] : Array

Array undo step of  Layer type. usage PNEDITOR.UndoLayerType[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerNames[] : Array

Array undo step of  Layer Names. usage PNEDITOR.UndoLayerNames[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerPadding[] : Array

Array undo step of  Layer Padding. usage PNEDITOR.UndoLayerPadding[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerLevelsToggle[] : Array

Currently not in use.

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerAttributeWidth[] : Array

Array undo step of  Layer Padding. usage UndoLayerAttributeWidth[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerAttributeHeight[] : Array

Array undo step of  Layer Height. usage UndoLayerAttributeHeight[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerAttribute [] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerAttributeTop [] : Array

Array undo step of  Layer Top position. usage UndoLayerAttributeTop[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerAttributeLeft [] : Array

Array undo step of  Layer Left position. usage PNEDITOR.UndoLayerAttributeLeft [ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerOffSetLeft [] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerOffSetTop[] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.UndoTempPointX[] : Array

Not currenty in use.

PNEDITOR.UndoTempPointY[] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerAttributeVisiblity[] : Array

Array undo step of  Layer Visiblility usage PNEDITOR.UndoLayerAttributeVisiblity[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoLayerTransAngle[] : Array

Not currently in use. This is the undo step for the layer angle.

PNEDITOR.UndoLayersLinked[] : Array

Not currently in use. This is for object grouping of layers.

PNEDITOR.UndoImageActualH[] : Array

Array undo step of  Images Actual Height usage PNEDITOR.UndoImageActualH[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.UndoImageActualW : [] : Array

Array undo step of  Images Actual Width usage PNEDITOR.UndoImageActualW[ Step Count ]

PNEDITOR.Arraycount : Number

Current undo array count for steps.

PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeVisiblity[] : Array

Current visibility of layers. usage PNEDITOR.LayerAttributeVisiblity[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.OffSetX : Number

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.OffSetY : Number

Not currently in use.


Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.OffSets[] : Array

Array of offsets. Subject to change

PNEDITOR.LayerTransFilter[] : Array

Array of Alpha opacity filter.  usage PNEDITOR.LayerTransFilter[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.LayerTransOpacity[] : Array

Array of Alpha opacity.  usage PNEDITOR.LayerTransOpacity[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.ControlLeft[] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.LayerLinks[] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.BrowserElementId: String

Current element id the mouse is over.

PNEDITOR.PlayPen : Boolean

Not in use, limits the editable width and height of the canvas.

PNEDITOR.PlayPenWidth : Number
Not in use. Sets the width of the editable canvas, stops user from overflowing margin.

PNEDITOR.PlayPenHeight : Number
Not in use. Sets the height of the editable canvas,stops user from overflowing margin.

PNEDITOR.ResMatch : Number

Not in use. sets resolution match to the screen offset.

PNEDITOR.CloseSession : String

Holds the previous element id that was edited.

PNEDITOR.ToggleResize : Boolean

Not in use.

PNEDITOR.LayerCount : Number

Current count of new layers created.

PNEDITOR.Centered  : Boolean

Not in use. Tells the editor if the page is centered or left.

PNEDITOR.Secondload : Boolean

Not in use. Tells the editor if the page has been reloaded for iframe content.

PNEDITOR.FirstEdit : Boolean

Tells the editor if this is the first time using the editor.

PNEDITOR.LayerOffSetStep : Number

Offset left, top from last new layer created.

PNEDITOR.WordPressStandard : Boolean

Optimize for use in a WordPress website.

PNEDITOR.ConnectedToServer : Boolean

True / False connected to internet.

PNEDITOR.AutoSaveCount : Number

Current auto save count to the server.

PNEDITOR.TempScrollTop : Number

Current scroll top position.

PNEDITOR.TempScrollLeft : Number

Current scroll left position.

PNEDITOR.LayerTransAngle[] : Array

Current rotation angle of the element.

PNEDITOR.LayersLinked[] : Array

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.ImageActualH[] : Array
Actual size of image Height. Usage PNEDITOR.ImageActualH[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.ImageActualW[] : Array
Actual size of image Width. Usage PNEDITOR.ImageActualW[ Layer Number Of Object]

PNEDITOR.useATTrname : String

Attribute used to identify a Plug N Edit object.

PNEDITOR.FrameSetScrollTop : Number
Not in use. Sets the offset of scroll top to the offset of iframe scroll.

PNEDITOR.inlineOffestX : Number

Not in use. Sets the offset of the inline editor to from the Top Left position of current canvas object.

PNEDITOR.inlineOffestY : Number
Not in use. Sets the offset of the inline editor to from the Top Left position of current canvas object.

PNEDITOR.ToolbarPos : Number
Sets the inline editor toolbar position.

PNEDITOR.MarginHeight : Number
Not in use.

PNEDITOR.MarginWidth : Number
Current margin width.

PNEDITOR.PNELinkBack : Boolean
Not in use.

PNEDITOR.ImageLayer : String
Current Image layer selected.

PNEDITOR.GuidesCount : Number
Current count of guides that are set.

True / False Send control of the editor to CKeditor

Unlocks the Ckeditor.

Layer number locked for moving and sizing.

PNEDITOR.AdjustTheDivINT : Boolean
True / False Auto adjust the div height of the canvas element (Set to check in interval).

PNEDITOR.PNECKEditorLoaded : Boolean 

True / False Ckeditor loaded.

PNEDITOR.AdjustDivOption : Boolean

True / False Auto adjust the div height of the canvas element.

PNEDITOR.ZindexToggle : String
Not in use. Toggles the current active div layer to the front for easy editing.

PNEDITOR.AdvancedEditor : Boolean
True / False Advanced inline editor loaded.

PNEDITOR.AllowSelectInline : Boolean
True / False toggle between selection inline and move object.

PNEDITOR.AllowContentEditable : Boolean
True / False Allow direct entry of content into div.

PNEDITOR.Editablecontent : Boolean

True / False  allow content to be edited.

PNEDITOR.ClosePNESession : Boolean

True / False Keeps user from submitting HTML to save more then one time.

PNEDITOR.BrowserElementCurTag : String

Current mouse over browser tag.

PNEDITOR.PNEtoolbaroffset : Number
Offset of when user scrolls the toolbar should scroll.

PNEDITOR.PNEsidebaroffset : Number
Currently not in use.

PNEDITOR.KEY.EditorDiv : Object
Key object for setting the Id of the editor div layer.

PNEDITOR.KEY.CanvasDiv  : Object

Key object for setting the Id of the canvas div layer.

PNEDITOR.KEY.ImageObject  : Object

Key object for setting the Id of the canvas div image layer.

PNEDITOR.KEY.CanvasImage  : Object
Key object for setting the Id of the canvas  image layer.

PNEDITOR.KEY.PNEimageCnvsI  : Object

Key object for setting the Id of the canvas interior image layer.

PNEDITOR.KEY.EditorImage  : Object

Key object for setting the Id of the editor image layer.

PNEDITOR.KEY.DivObject  : Object

Key object for setting the Id of the canvas interior div layer.

PNEDITOR.KEY.Prefix  : Object

Prefix alpha character used in the id of objects.

PNEDITOR.CKKey.Prefix  : Object
CKEditors Key prefix


Current width of image PNEDITOR.PNEPICSizeW[ Layer Number Of Object]


Current height of image PNEDITOR.PNEPICSizeH[ Layer Number Of Object]

 PNEDITOR.PNEMultiSelect : Array
Array of objects to be moved at one time.

 PNEDITOR.PNELayerdrag : Array
Top position of layers to be moved below selected layer.

PNEDITOR.PNEMultiSelected : boolean
True / False Multiple objects are selected

Current CKEditor status

PNEDITOR.CurrentColorSet : String
Not in use, Swatches to display.

PNEDITOR.PNEkrepeat : Number
Count for loop to set CKEditor Toolbar hinge.

PNEDITOR.PNEmovealltop : Array
Currently not in use

PNEDITOR.Movealllayerspivot : Number
Pivot point of top layer.

PNEDITOR.PNEMoveBelow : Boolean
True / False move objects below current layer on resize.

PNEDITOR.SetHighestset : Number
Height of top layer selected.

PNEDITOR.ProcessXY : Boolean
True / False  Toggles snap timeout until next guide snap

PNEDITOR.PNESnap : Boolean
True / False Snap to objects.

PNEDITOR.PaddingPageBottom : Number
Pixels to pad the spacer height

PNEDITOR.CurrentCanvas : String

Canvas Id to work with.

PNEDITOR.ElementClone :  String
Not in use, Element to be cloned from mobile to fixed canvas.

PNEDITOR.FullSizeMargin : Number
Full size margin width.

PNEDITOR.MobileMargin : Number
Mobile margin width

Array of editor layer Id’s

PNEDITOR.PNEDivCanvasLayer : Array
Array of current canvas div layers Id’s.

PNEDITOR.PNEImageLayer : Array
Array of current canvas image div layers Id’s.

Not currently in use.

PNEDITOR.PNEEmbedLayer : Array
Not currently in use


Array of current div interior canvas layers Id’s

PNEDITOR.PNEgalleryloaded : Boolean
Image gallery loaded.

PNEDITOR.InterObjOffset : Number
Offset size of the interior canvas to the exterior canvas layer.

Array of Interior canvas image Id’s


Right To Left

PNEDITOR.LockWorkArea : Boolean
True / False Currently not in use.